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In memoriam: Akiva “Aki” Orr – Moshe Macover

March 10, 2013

Obituary: AKIVA “AKI” Orr was a revolutionary activist and writer, founding member of the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen), an enchanting raconteur, and a unique, larger-than-life character

Collective Decision-Making and Supervision in a Communist Society – Moshe Machover

October 10, 2009

This article brings together my commitment to communism and my scientific work in the theory of social choice, particularly the measurement of voting power.

Resolution of The Israeli–Palestinian conflict: A socialist viewpoint – Moshé Machover

February 10, 2009

…socialists often forego an independent critical socialist viewpoint and are content to tail behind this or that brand of radical nationalism. Independent positions such as those advocated in the present article, which were formerly held and defended by significant sections of the revolutionary left, have been abandoned or simply forgotten. They need to be reaffirmed.

Zionism and Oriental Jews: Dialectic of Exploitation and Co-Optation

July 10, 2008

by Ehud Ein-Gil and Moshe Machover, July 2008

Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution – Moshé Machover

November 30, 2006

How should we think about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? Please note: “how” comes before “what”. Before coming to any substantive conclusions – certainly before taking sides – we must be clear as to how the issue ought to be approached.

Panta Rhei: Exchange of email letters – Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover

September 10, 2006

Exchange of email letters, Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover, following Machover’s article “The 20th century in retrospect”

The 20th century in retrospect – Moshé Machover

December 10, 1999

Published in Platform, Workers’ Liberty #59 (December 1999).

To Live Together ‒ a Dialogue between Said Hammami and Moshé Machover

October 1, 1984

Whatever may be said about Hammami’s political views on particular points, there is no denying the non-sectarianism of his attitude to the Israeli Jewish population: he recognizes that they constitute a nationality just as much as the Palestinian Arabs, and that they, too, are entitled to national right in Palestine. To hear a Palestinian spokesman say this was not necessarily congenial to fanatics on both sides.

Following the Israeli-Egyptian Treaty: Against the Autonomy! — Moshe Machover

March 29, 1979

The autonomy is in reality exactly what it looks like on paper — an alibi and cover not for the creation of a Palestinian state but for more or less rapid colonization and annexation to Israel of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Zionism and its scarecrows – Moshé Machover and Mario Offenberg

October 10, 1978

This article aims to show how the objective and subjective hench­men of Zionism in the West, in their attempt to fluster the critics of Zionism, present ‘leftist’-tinged arguments in support of the Israeli state, but especially directed against its Jewish opponents of the anti­-Zionist socialist movement inside Israel.

Summing Up Our Position on the National Question – Moshe machover

January 10, 1978

We struggle both against Zionist racism, which discriminates against Palestinians as individual human beings, and against the Zionist oppression of the Palestinians as a people. Or, putting it in positive terms: we support both the human and the national rights of the Palestinians.

Dossier : Les bourgeoisies arabes ; Introduction par Moshé Machover

June 30, 1977

La vraie question est si ce développement est susceptible d’être — qualitativement et quantitativement — d’une ampleur telle qu’il transforme le monde arabe d’un domaine néocolonial étroitement subordonné au système capitaliste mondial et aux forces dominantes, en une puissance capitaliste autonome tout comme, disons, le Japon ou la France.

The National Movement in the Arab East at the End of the Road – Moshe Machover and Emmanuel Farjoun

August 8, 1976

A necessary condition for the success of any struggle against Israel’s regime — including the struggle for democratic rights — is that it is a joint Jewish-Arab struggle.

1. Vivre ensemble : Entretien entre Saïd Hammami et Moshé Machover

June 30, 1976

Entretien entre Saïd Hammami, représentant de l’Organisation de la libération de la Palestine (O.L.P.) à Londres, et Moshé Machover, de l’Organisation socialiste israélienne (Matzpen).

Zionism, National Oppression, and Racism — Moshe Machover

March 10, 1976

Racist discrimination always pertains to individual rights. The rights denied are not the collective rights of an entire group, but the individual rights of every person belonging by origin to a given group. Zionist racism is principally a matter of practice, due to the fact that Zionist colonization could only be implemented at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs’ rights — both their national and individual rights. The Zionist project — past and present — is a project of colonization by Jews of territories inhabited by Arabs, turning an Arab country into a Jewish country. In order to implement such a project, it is necessary to discriminate in favor of Jews and against Arabs in matters of immigration, citizenship, land ownership, and so on — right down to discrimination regarding the rights of returning residents.

Chroniques — Par Yasser Ali, Leila Kadi, Sadik El Azem, Avishai Ehrlich et Moshè Machover

December 10, 1975

1) Liban, septembre 1975 : Fin de la « démocratie confessionnelle » . 2) Les violentes manifestations du prolétariat industriel en Égypte. 3) Sur le front du pétrole. 4) En Israël : Bataille navale dans la lutte des classes ; La réforme fiscale en Israël ; Élections à l’Université de Jérusalem.

Lettres a Khamsin ‒ par Moshé Machover, Israël Shahak, Léa Tsemel et Michel Warschawski

December 10, 1975

Lettre d’un camarade de Matzpen (Moshé Machover) ; lettre d’Israël Shahak, Jérusalem ; et lettre de camarades de la Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (Matzpen marxiste), section de la IVe Internationale (Léa Tsemel et Michel Warschawski).

Comerade Jabra Nicola (1912-1974) – by Moshe Machover

April 10, 1975

He had exactly what we lacked — a coherent conception of the Zionist colonization process, and in particular the way it affected the Arab society in Palestine. From him we got a much better and deeper understanding of Israel as an embodiment of Zionist colonization. Also, he had a conception of the Arab revolution as one and indivisible process. Matzpen’s positions on all these matters were adopted essentially under his influence.

Arab revolution and national problems in the Arab east – A.Said (Jabra Nicola) and M.Machover

July 10, 1973

Our general point of departure is the revolutionary Marxist position on the national question… our main interest is the impact of the national question on the revolutionary movement in the Mashreq (Arab East). Published in The International, Summer 1973.

From Generation to Generation – The Origins of the 1967 War

February 10, 1972

Israel in a Historical Perspective: From Generation to Generation – The Origins of the 1967 War. From “The Other Israel (1972): The Radical Case Against Zionism”

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