Jabra Nicola

Comerade Jabra Nicola (1912-1974) – by Moshe Machover

April 10, 1975

He had exactly what we lacked — a coherent conception of the Zionist colonization process, and in particular the way it affected the Arab society in Palestine. From him we got a much better and deeper understanding of Israel as an embodiment of Zionist colonization. Also, he had a conception of the Arab revolution as one and indivisible process. Matzpen’s positions on all these matters were adopted essentially under his influence.

Arab revolution and national problems in the Arab east – A.Said (Jabra Nicola) and M.Machover

July 10, 1973

Our general point of departure is the revolutionary Marxist position on the national question… our main interest is the impact of the national question on the revolutionary movement in the Mashreq (Arab East). Published in The International, Summer 1973.

Theses on the revolution in the Arab East – A. Said (Jabra Nicola)

September 14, 1972

A discussion document:: a political position on the Arab Revolution, Zionism and the right of the Hebrew nation to self-determination

The Middle East at the Crossroads

September 10, 1969

A Position Paper on the Palestinian Movement adopted by the ISO