In memoriam: Akiva “Aki” Orr – Moshe Macover

March 10, 2013

Obituary: AKIVA “AKI” Orr was a revolutionary activist and writer, founding member of the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen), an enchanting raconteur, and a unique, larger-than-life character

Akiva Orr: A working-class hero – Tikva Honig-Parnass

March 10, 2013

Obituary: MY CLOSE personal and political connection with Akiva Orr and his family began in 1959 when Aki was still a member of Maki.

Collective Decision-Making and Supervision in a Communist Society – Moshe Machover

October 10, 2009

This article brings together my commitment to communism and my scientific work in the theory of social choice, particularly the measurement of voting power.

Israel: A Zionist State – Aki Orr

July 29, 2009

The Zionist movement and its State – ISRAEL, do not represent the Jewish people. They never did. They represent a particular trend within the Jewish people, namely – the nationalist trend.

Resolution of The Israeli–Palestinian conflict: A socialist viewpoint – Moshé Machover

February 10, 2009

…socialists often forego an independent critical socialist viewpoint and are content to tail behind this or that brand of radical nationalism. Independent positions such as those advocated in the present article, which were formerly held and defended by significant sections of the revolutionary left, have been abandoned or simply forgotten. They need to be reaffirmed.

Zionism and Oriental Jews: Dialectic of Exploitation and Co-Optation

July 10, 2008

by Ehud Ein-Gil and Moshe Machover, July 2008

Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution – Moshé Machover

November 30, 2006

How should we think about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? Please note: “how” comes before “what”. Before coming to any substantive conclusions – certainly before taking sides – we must be clear as to how the issue ought to be approached.

Panta Rhei: Exchange of email letters – Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover

September 10, 2006

Exchange of email letters, Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover, following Machover’s article “The 20th century in retrospect”

Following Matzpen – Eran Torbiner

April 9, 2004

In 1997, after years of stories and newspaper items, I decided, as a student at Tel Aviv University, to write a seminar on Matzpen.

The 20th century in retrospect – Moshé Machover

December 10, 1999

Published in Platform, Workers’ Liberty #59 (December 1999).

Left Without Arabs – Ehud ‘Ein-Gil

June 10, 1989

In this article, published in place of an editorial in the first issue of Meha’ah (see Introduction to the previous item), the writer, member of the radical and anti-Zionist Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen) polemicizes against an article by Ari Shavit in the left-Zionist journal Politika (Politics).

Economic liberalism and the sharpening of class contradictions in Algeria – Alain Hertzmann

June 10, 1989

This article is based on an interview with Comrade Lafif Lakhdar as well as on articles in Le Monde Diplomatique (December 1982, October 1986 and November 1988) , Le Canard Enchainé (2.11.88) and a booklet ‘Im­migration and French Imperialism’ by Combat Prolétarien (1980).

The Struggle in Western Sahara ‒ By Alain Hertzmann

November 10, 1988

The struggle for independence is foremost in the mind of the Polisario. The declared intention of the Polisario is the setting up of an independent, secular, republic, with a multi-party system, where religion is a private matter, and where the status of women will be equal to that of men.

Israel as a Western Watchdog in the Middle East ‒ By Shlomo Fraenkel

August 10, 1987

Fidel Castro has been much wiser than Israel’s leaders and knew how to demand from his Soviet employers a wage fairer than that demanded by the Israeli leadership from its American employers.

“Cruel Zionism” in Action ‒ Book Review by Moshe Machover

August 10, 1987

This excellent book recounts and documents a significant piece of Middle Eastern history; and it does so in a humane way, full of empathy for the Iraqi Jews who, like Abbas Shiblak himself ‒ a Palestinian refugee from Haifa ‒ were victims of Zionism.

Women in the Middle East: Introduction

July 10, 1987

Khamsin 1987: Woman in the Middle East – Introdution

The Arab Woman: A Threatening Body, A Captive Being – Magida Salman

July 10, 1987

Notwithstanding her condition, the Arab woman shares with her sisters a common fate: a life of renunciation, of captivity, in a hyper-male society.

Women’s Participation in Radical Egyptian Politics 1939–1952 – Salma Botman

July 10, 1987

It was World War II and its consequences that prompted leftist and feminist-minded women to become increasingly articulate about the problems affecting women in Egypt.

Palestinian Women and the National Liberation Movement : A Social Perspective – Hamida Kazi

July 10, 1987

Palestinian women are conscious of the dialectical nature of their struggle: both the political struggle for national libera­tion and the need to bring social change within the society.

Pax Hebraica – Emmanuel Farjoun

July 10, 1983

In the minds of Begin and Sharon the Lebanon war is an opening move in the one-front strategy. The aim of this strategy is to build around a greater Israel a zone of direct Israel presence and influence. A zone of pax Hebraica.

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