The Kafr Kassem anniversary

October 29, 1976

The Kafr Kassem massacre’s twentieth anniversary, Oct. 29, 1976.

A demonstration against Israel Kenig – Tel Aviv, September 1976

September 29, 1976

A demonstration against the racist commissioner of the Northern District, Israel Kenig – Tel Aviv, September 1976.

The National Movement in the Arab East at the End of the Road – Moshe Machover and Emmanuel Farjoun

August 8, 1976

A necessary condition for the success of any struggle against Israel’s regime — including the struggle for democratic rights — is that it is a joint Jewish-Arab struggle.

Against Racism in South Africa

June 27, 1976

Against Racism in South Africa – Matzpen members in a demonstration protesting the massacre in Soweto, London, June 27, 1976.

Against the Syrian invasion of Lebanon

June 11, 1976

Members of Matzpen in an international demonstration against the Syrian invasion of Lebanon, Nicosia, June 14, 1976

Zionism, National Oppression, and Racism — Moshe Machover

March 10, 1976

Racist discrimination always pertains to individual rights. The rights denied are not the collective rights of an entire group, but the individual rights of every person belonging by origin to a given group. Zionist racism is principally a matter of practice, due to the fact that Zionist colonization could only be implemented at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs’ rights — both their national and individual rights. The Zionist project — past and present — is a project of colonization by Jews of territories inhabited by Arabs, turning an Arab country into a Jewish country. In order to implement such a project, it is necessary to discriminate in favor of Jews and against Arabs in matters of immigration, citizenship, land ownership, and so on — right down to discrimination regarding the rights of returning residents.